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RoShawn Evans Story

In December of 1999, seventeen year old RoShawn Evans life changed forever. He spent the night at a friend’s house and invited an acquaintance by the name of( First name with held ) Ms. English to join him. RoShawn and ( First name with held ) Ms. English were introduced to each other by ( Name with held ) Ms. English Mother in 1996. During those three years the two seldom spoke but when they did ( First name with held ) Ms. English was very aggressive at pursuing RoShawn. ( First name with held ) Ms. English was sixteen at the time and she happily agreed to come. RoShawn and another male friend went to pick her up and she was waiting outside for them. Unbeknownst to RoShawn ( First name with held ) Ms. English was leaving without permission.

On the way to the friends home ( First name with held ) Ms. English and RoShawn started fondling each other in the back seat. This continued on upon entering the house. RoShawn followed ( First name with held ) Ms. English upstairs and they both undressed to have sex. People were frequently coming in and out the room watching, creating an uncomfortable situation which prevented RoShawn from getting an erection. After trying for a while they both gave up and went downstairs.

( First name with held ) Ms. English started talking with another friend of RoShawn’s and then went back upstairs and had consensual sex with him. After sex with the friend she was taken back home and dropped off at the corner.


I'm writing you this petition to help out a young man I know by the name of Roshawn C. Evans. RoShawn is married with a 3year old daughter. He’s a hard working Man of God with a family that is struggling from the Sex Offender Registry in Houston TX ( case took place in Flint, MI in Genesee County ). His case is rare and not like the other Sex Offender Cases.

RoShawn Evans was an 17 year old kid, with a 16 year old girl who allegedly left the house without permission! RoShawn did not do any thing wrong that night. He did not have sex with the victim. The victim had consensual sex that night with someone else in the house, but it was not RoShawn. If any actions took place, they were only one year and four months apart. He was convinced to take a plea bargain and admit to having sex with a minor. Her mom freaked out and punished the wrong person. That was a family issue that should have been resolved at home between the mom and daughter.

She left her home on her own free will! No one forced her out of the house. No one forced her to stay! No one forced her in the car! No one threatened her! The girl was not raped! No one did anything wrong! The only wrong doing was a girl being disobedient to her mom.
When Roshawn unwillingly took the plea bargain, the agreement was 6 months tether, 4 years probation, and 10 registration! It’s not even a felony! Its’ a misdemeanor in the 4th degree! They refuse to take RoShawn off of the registry, even though the original agreement was filed! RoShawn registers once a year and they have him sign rules that they want him to abide by then leave the part blank as to why he is actually registering! They leave it blank because they have no reason for him to register!

This case stripped RoShawn's life away! What will his daughter think when he can’t attend a Parent Teacher Conference? How will she feel to know her dad can’t go to her Band practice, or her cheerleader game, or even her Graduation. These are just some of the his problems.

RoShawn and his Family really need your help to get off this registration! Please sign this petition.! His family really depends on you!

Friday, May 4, 2012